The confidentiality agreement specified here; Applies to all How2Develop's mobile apps published on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. By installing these applications on your mobile device, you are deemed to have accepted the confidentiality agreement contained in this text. If you do not agree to these terms, do not install these applications on your mobile device.

In our applications, the data entered is stored on encrypted servers in a way that only you can see it and is not shared with third parties or institutions.

Phone Usage Permissions, the permissions required for the shortcut search process from our application must be provided by you. This permission is only used for shortcut searches of customers registered in the application, and personal data of your customers are stored encrypted only in databases specific to you.

Internet Usage Permissions are the permissions required to send data from our application to encrypted servers and users must define it. These permissions are not used to transfer information from your phone other than your request. The given internet access permission is used only for the data and photo transfer of the forms you fill out in the application.

Camera Usage: The use of camera in our Mobile Applications is used only for the photos you want to send from the application. It is not used without the knowledge of the user. The photos taken in the mobile application are stored in the encrypted environment of the user and are only accessible to him and the institution to which he is affiliated. Photos are not shared with third parties or institutions without user information.

Our applications do not collect any personal information about you and do not request any such information from you.

How2Develop will always take care and sensitivity to publish quality and useful applications. Despite this, we make no commitment that the content in our applications will meet your expectations, be useful to you, or contain accurate information. We offer applications as they are. Therefore, you agree that you cannot hold How2Develop responsible for any adverse event caused by our applications.

How2Develop makes every effort to take all possible precautions regarding the security of these applications. It fulfills its obligations under the Google Play Developer Program Policies agreement. However; Internet and digital media are not safe enough areas. Therefore, we do not guarantee that we will provide you with a 100% safe service.

Our apps are only available on Google Play Store and IOS App Store. How2Develop cannot be held responsible if these applications are located in another Android or IOS store without our knowledge.

These applications may contain advertisements and links from third parties. You agree that you cannot hold How2Develop responsible for the nature, content, security, or any damage caused by these third party advertisements and links. You can learn how to adjust your settings for ads served by Google on the ad settings page.

All copyrights regarding all content consisting of audio, written and visual elements and software in these applications belong to How2Develop. Any of our apps or their copyrighted content of those apps; copying, reproducing, republishing, disassembling, re-making public, etc. You agree that you will not take any action.

You can send us your opinions and suggestions about the conditions stated here at [email protected].

How2Develop; may make changes in the text of this Confidentiality Agreement. The changes made will take effect immediately. We indicate the date we made changes as the "last update date" at the bottom.


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